When this is just a 1 page paper, I will get it done in one day; if 2 pages, then then two days; in case several, then 3 days, and so on. Communication - that I shall contact you personally within just a couple of hrs of receiving your concept. We could communicate through phone if you prefer. Just educate me what you are interested in finding - it is the only point you need to worry about. I then will say at what point I will complete this assignment. I am able to provide proof-reading or another sort of writing help along with essay writing. Page length may fluctuate in one page into 20 webpages. I've written a lot of masters degree sites which have ranged from twenty five pages to 120 webpages. Topics may also vary greatly, as will the type of paper currently being written - essay, article, vital discussion, study paper, lab report etc.. Effect - If you're dissatisfied, I can proofread it again (second time doesn't have any charge!)) . Feel free to communicate with me th

10 December 1987 1987-12-10

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