Taryn J. White

Taryn J. White

Legal Research Analyst at FightDUICharges DUI Defense Law

At FightDUICharges we examine drivers arrests for free online, and work hard to protect a driver's rights and help achieve a case dismissal or dropped DUI charges. Our experienced lawyers have a great track record in courts throughout every state of the country, and have successfully fought thousands of DUI and DWI cases of all types. Our DUI attorney experts, includes several types of legal focus:

· · Criminal defense in court
· · DUI and DWI defense
· · Avoiding suspended driver's license
· · Ignition Interlock requirement exemption
· · Keeping a criminal record clean
· · Dismissing or dropping DUI charges in court
· · Keeping drivers informed of their best defense options at all times

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Our DUI lawyers provide legal help for drivers of all backgrounds and languages.

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