Susan Crowder

Susan Crowder

This blouse from Myntra is so sweet.  I bought it so cheap at discounted price using myntra coupons. If you look closely you can see a big white bow on the center front that just adds to the overall sweetness of this top, it even has eyelet trim on the sleeves for crying out loud. The neckline is awesome for wearing necklaces although if you go too bold with your jewelry it won’t match at all. Instead you should try a delicate chain and charm necklace or if you want just bold black earrings, Myntra has plenty of them.

This pretty aqua blue number is called the Picasso but why?  Who knows, its cute no matter what you call it. The myntra website says that this is a mini dress or a top but if you wear this as a mini dress you are much braver than me  because judging by the hemline on the model that would leave very little to the imagination as far as I’m concerned. As a top I love the bright color and the lack of sl

15 may 1988 1988-05-15

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