Design & art addicted freelancer for hire, feed me and I make magic.

I’m a young, creative designer and front-end developer located in Sweden, with about 7 years of experience with web development and design of many (most) kinds. Specialized in branding, web development and illustration to name some things. 
I know HTML and CSS and fluently, and know JavaScript and jQuery. I have studied game design and animation for two years.

I decided what I wanted to become, when I was only 10 years old. Designing and developing is something I love doing both as a hobby and as a job. No matter what I’m doing, I love learning more about it and getting better at it. There is nothing about design I wouldn’t want to learn, and I’m motivated to work with it all, to work with different styles. I think that is what differ me from other designers; I can’t be without designing.


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