Otis Anderson

Otis Anderson

Researcher at WMP BRO

Accredited Online Colleges for Students

Accredited online colleges and universities for undergraduate students make it easy for students to earn a reputable degree from the comfort of their own home.
Credits earned from online postsecondary schools can usually be transferred to offline schools. Degrees are offered in a wide variety of subjects. Many colleges and universities have been around for 50 years or more.

University of Phoenix
The University of Phoenix, founded in 1976 by Dr. John Sperling, offers online and offline courses. High school graduates and adults wishing to enroll in continuing education courses will find a wide range of fields of study at the university.

Undergraduate and certification programs are offered in disciplines such as:

Nursing and healthcare
Social sciencies
Information Technology
Criminal justice

The University of Phoenix also has 200 self-contained campuses across the United States. The high school is accred

10 July 1978 1978-07-10

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