Mail Outsourcing

Mail Outsourcing

Printing and Mailing - Promoting Your Service Vs Saving the Postal Service
As we all understand, the United States Post Office is having some concerns - encountering billions of bucks in losses and also kicking around a couple of concepts to reduce expenses - reducing delivery on Saturday, or only delivering every other piece of junk mail (simply joking about that last little bit).

The USPS came rattling its tin cup throughout the Great Bailout months of 2009, however the feds had actually already forked over all their bailout funds to GM and AIG.

So the Post Office remains in difficulty. Exactly how can you aid? Well, you could pay absolutely no interest to the greatest cost in doing a postcard printing/post office mailing task: the shipping. It's always the biggest component. So go nuts! Paying no mind to the expense of mailing can be your method of helping the USPS: wasting your hard-earned dollars by doing your mailing one of the most pricey means possible.

22 August 1974 1974-08-22

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