Lab C  Kitchen - Vietnamese Cuisine

Lab C Kitchen - Vietnamese Cuisine

"""Lab C Kitchen has become a familiar destination for lovers of traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Located at 107 Childers Dr. Suite 100, Bastrop, TX 78602, a beautiful and poetic city, Lab C Kitchen brings out the most outstanding features of Vietnamese cuisine.
We select the dishes in the list of hundreds of great dishes loved by Western tourists visiting Vietnam. That can be said. Our menu board is drawn from a passion for discovering culinary delights.
The food we serve at Lab C Kitchen is healthy and delicious. Our ingredients are fresh and we cater to all types of dietary requirements. Check out our flavorful menu and get in touch!
With years of culinary experience, Lab C Kitchen is dedicated to providing you only the best food possible. With our authentic Vietnamese food, we have surely built our reputation here in Texas. We offer a wide selection of Vietnamese dishes such as pho, rice noodles, fresh seafood, and much more. Come in today and try some of the best foo

1 January 1990 1990-01-01

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