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Boost your immunity by taking vitamin c powder

That was the exact question Dr Peter Ou ask himself 25 years ago when he moved to Canada from London England in 1995. It was at this point he decided to switch career paths into the Natural Health Industry after spending 15 year’s in the medical and drug research industry. It was time to start taking a preventative approach to health, rather than a reactionary one. This was the start of Nutralab Canada Corp and now brings the natural health industry Family Care Nutrition.
Before immigrating to Canada, Dr Ou worked as a research fellow in the National Poison Unit at Guy’s & St. Thomas’s Hospital (University of London). He was involved in many research projects that studied all cases of liver damage related to pharmaceutical products. This is where he developed his fundamental knowledge about drug benefits and the potential negative side effects. He soon learned that people need medicine to cure certain diseases, but the medicine may also bring possible significant side

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