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Clock Parts Dealers

Construct a Big Tower Wall Clock to Make a Vibrant Declaration

A big tower wall clock is a bold means to load a broad and also high space with something striking. Your large wall clock will certainly tower over the entire room, drawing attention to its distinctive dimension and also design, and operating as a fully practical timepiece. This task might provide pause to any clockmaker, amateur or professional, yet fortunately is that building it is made fairly simple as well as pain-free with the help of a set offered from a reliable provider.

The large tower wall clock operates with an essentially regular electronic quartz motion, but with the added spec that it is high torque. Because this watch is designed to be three feet in size-- or even much more-- the minute hands are possibly much longer as well as heavier than standard. A traditional electric motor or motion would not have the pizzazz to rotate those hands around the dial.

1 October 1995 1995-10-01

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