City of Placentia

City of Placentia

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Hop in toIHOP for an unforgettable gastronomic experienceNot every restaurant placed in the nooks and
corners of your neighborhood offers you superior breakfasting experience.
Complete with great food, conducive ambience and premium quality staff
services, IHOP is a must check-out if you are in Placentia. There are not one but several reasons why thisparticular restaurant has been hailed by one and all.What you can expectYou can actually get a preview of the
pleasurable ambience of the Restaurantsby visiting the website of the favorite hangout of the Placentians. IHOP wants
you to think of the table “as your own table”. Be rest assured that you will be
leaving the place with fond memories.  Visit us

18 October 1990 1990-10-18

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