Edward Attwell

Edward Attwell

The Truth About Writing for Residual Income

Building Passive Income Takes Hard Work and Patience

Passive income sites lure with promises of huge residual income payments from writing online, but once hooked, writers are often discouraged by the truth.

The ad is clicked, the application submitted and visions of huge checks arriving into Pay Pal accounts float around the brain. This picture replays itself all over the web, several thousand times a day. Some writing sites lure writers with hype and by creating unrealistic expectations.

Another scenario replays itself every day as well, and that is most of those applicants giving up and quitting, discouraged and broken, after finding that the hype is just that.

Is the Goal Money or Legitimacy?
Building a legitimate residual income is a slow, time consuming process, no matter what the black hat writers promise. Black hatters are unethical. Most make their money from reselling someone else's work and through usi

30 October 1981 1981-10-30

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